MORINGA BIO au Togo : INNOCORP Sarl producteur et exportateur

certification ecocert des produits d'INNOCORP Sarl
certification ecocert des produits d'INNOCORP Sarl
certification ecocert des produits d'INNOCORP Sarl


INNOCORP Sarl TOGO has been mining Moringa for about 20 years in Togo, on extremely fertile land, to obtain the best Moringa quality in the world. Sixty hectares are dedicated to this plant whose demand is growing rapidly. We master the different stages of cultivation and processing of MORINGA (...)

  1. Introduction to organic production

    INNOCORP Sarl produces MORINGA of first quality on its farms in the interior of the country (Togo). Located far from the capital, these farms of several hectares. Automatic return line
    Our production covers over a hundred hectares, the small branches are cut with the leaves of MORINGA very early in the morning before sunrise, transported by closed truck to avoid any risk of contamination during transport up to at the place of transformation (5 km from the fields). Automatic return line
    Once the stems have been stripped, the leaves are washed in trays with Ozone water removing 100% of the batteries (neither chlorine nor bleach are used), the drying is done in a dryer at - 30 ° degrees to preserve all the nutritional values ​​of the plant, then passed to the finely sifted mill. Automatic return line
    In order to be able to supply its customers in time and assume its commitments INNOCORP Sarl owns a network of local producers, with whom it works. We ourselves supply the seeds and control the entire production process. Regular inspections of our local engineers are carried out to ensure a traceability of MORINGA product. Once MORINGA produces according to the standards required by INNOCORP Sarl, we take care of the process of conservation and transformation in our dedicated farm for this purpose.